Ermington Preschool

9 Lambert Avenue

Ermington NSW 2115

(02) 9638 1788

Opening Hours Mon - Fri 6:30am - 6:00pm

  • Ms Melanie

    Nominated Supervisor

  • Ms Kate

    Certified Supervisor

  • Ms Lisa

    Certified Supervisor

What our parents have to say

  • "Home away from home" that’s the first thing I remember being told about the school. Then I took my Son, who was not adjusting in any child care or family day care and what an amazing change I have seen in less than 4 months. I highly recommend this school to anybody who is looking for quality care with great learning opportunities and forming a solid foundation to the next level of education for their child."


  • “They have a fun, interactive and child led approach to their activities that encourages all the children to develop in so many areas. My son is always coming home with stories of the vegetables he has pulled up from the garden and eaten for lunch, the amazing creatures that have been discovered, the songs and books enjoyed every day and the fun games he has played with his friends. I am thrilled that everyday my son heads off to preschool with wonder and excitement at what will happen that day and I really appreciate all the staff making his time so rich in fun and learning experiences.”


  • "Program is unique! It's a wonderful way of capturing memories of the preschool days. It's like my morning cup of tea that I always look forward to and that makes me smile!"


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